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CIRA Newsletter

Edition October 2018

News and Events from CIRA, Italian Aerospace Research Center



IAC 2018

The 69th edition of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) entitled "Involving Everyone", was held from 1st to 5th October 2018, in Bremen. Once again, CIRA was present at this significant aerospace sector-related event so as to showcase its programmes, activities and results.


Flight electrification, presentation of the Electroplane flagship programme

To reduce the environmental impact of air transport by developing hybrid-electric propulsion systems as well as innovative configurations is the aim of Electroplane, the Flagship programme, the contents and general objectives of which CIRA outlined to national stakeholders.


Vega C, the first development stage of the Interstage 2-3 Technological Model has been completed

The carbon preform of the Interstage 2-3 Technological Model of the new VEGA C European space launcher has been completed in the CIRA laboratories and transferred to Avio premises. The innovative composite Grid architecture, applied to a European launcher for the very first time, was developed thanks to the Composite Material Prototype Laboratory.


Mini-Irene successfully passes the Scirocco test

A test campaign was successfully completed in the CIRA SCIROCCO hypersonic plasma wind tunnel on the Ground Demonstrator of the MINI-IRENE capsule. The main aim of the test was the thermo-structural qualification of the deployable heat shield. Next November the capsule will be launched on a sub-orbital trajectory.



GENIUS, the first version of the CIRA HW platform for digital modems



Studying F-35 “noise” levels

CIRA, in collaboration with the Italian Air Force Technical Test Laboratories, has successfully completed the noise characterisation campaign relating to the new F35-A aircraft. The activities carried out within the context of the JSF-Milnoise programme aim to assess the environmental impact of the operational activities carried out on the air base


LOX / LCH4 propulsion, development of the electroplating technology potentially useful for VEGA-E

CIRA in cooperation with CECOM srl has developed a technology for the manufacturing of regenerative chambers for LOX / LCH4 rocket engines, thus achieving one of the main objectives of the Hyprob program.
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