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CIRA Newsletter

Edition March 2018

News and Events from CIRA, Italian Aerospace Research Center



Dream Chaser, successful cooperation with Sierra Nevada for future NASA mission

Performed in CIRA Plasma Wind Tunnel "Scirocco" a test campaign for the US company Sierra Nevada. The tests have been carried out in the frame of SNC's development program for the Dream Chaser® spacecraft, the vehicle selected by NASA to provide cargo delivery, return and disposal service for the International Space Station.


Hexafly, the co-financed ESA-UE project for the development of the aircraft of the future

With the new signed contract, the series of six contracts that the European Space Agency (ESA) assigned to CIRA is now complete. They concern the activities in the HEXAFLY-INT project, whose main goal is the realization and the in-flight experimentation of a hypersonic unpowered demonstrator named EFTV (Experimental Flight Test Vehicle).


Paolo Annunziato is the new CIRA President

Paolo Annunziato is the new CIRA President. The decision was taken unanimously by the Shareholder's Meeting after Claudio Rovai's decision to resign for personal reasons.



To GARTEUR AG22, co-ordinated by CIRA, the 43rd ERF 2017 Chairman Award

Nel corso della 43esima edizione dell'European Rotorcraft Forum, la pubblicazione "Forces on Obstacles in Rotor Wake, a Garteur Action Group" ha ricevuto il Chairman Award che premia il miglior lavoro di cooperazione internazionale. Tra gli autori, i ricercatori CIRA Antonio Visingardi e Fabrizio De Gregorio.


LOX / LCH4 propulsion, development of the electroplating technology potentially useful for VEGA-E

CIRA in cooperation with CECOM srl has developed a technology for the manufacturing of regenerative chambers for LOX / LCH4 rocket engines, thus achieving one of the main objectives of the Hyprob program.
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