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CIRA Newsletter

Edition December 2017

News and Events from CIRA, Italian Aerospace Research Center



First data from the micro-climate station prototype in Antarctica

On December, 17th the installation of the micro-climate station prototype was completed as planned in the SIMACE (system to monitor environmental parameters in hostile conditions) project funded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research through the National Program for the Research in Antarctica.


Tests on extraterrestrial material

In the Ghibli hypersonic facility, two meteorite fragments have been subjected to the heating conditions they undergo during entry into the Earth's atmosphere at speeds exceeding 12 km/s. The purpose of the activity successfully performed in collaboration with the Univ. of Florence was to acquire the emission spectrum of the ablation products.


Ghibli and gamma rays, nuclear physics for aerospace reentry

The latest test campaign conducted within the Ghibli hypersonic facility concern the MEFIA project, Novel Physics Methodologies for Aerospace. The aim of these and other tests already planned is to develop a novel measurement technique for the ablation of thermal protection systems for space vehicles during the reentry phase.


The EREA Best Paper Award 2017 goes to CIRA

CIRA has won the EREA Best Paper Award 2017, the prestigious award given every year by the Association of European Research Centres for Aeronautics, for the paper "Comparison of Optimization Strategies for High-Lift Design".


A book on Morphing Wing Technologies

Elsevier recently published, "Morphing Wing Technologies", a volume that collects contributions from academia, industry and research centers on aspects related to development, experimentation and testing of variable wings. Eight CIRA researchers participated in the work.


Reduce Aerodynamic Drag with "Riblets"

Tests have now concluded in CIRA's PT1 transonic wind tunnel for the Airgreen2 project (Clean Sky 2 programme). The purpose of the campaign is to evaluate the potential role of riblets in helping to reduce aerodynamic drag, thus cutting fuel consumption and lessening environmental impact.


An agreement between CIRA and NASA for testing in icing tunnels

CIRA and NASA have now signed a collaboration agreement for testing in icing tunnels. The aim is to harmonise the methods for measurement and analysis of the clouds generated in icing tunnels for the study and certification of ice protection systems, in particular under severe conditions like those prescribed by the latest certification standards.
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